The movie is the first Finnish language project of Harlin.

Director Renny Harlin prepares to start shooting a Solar Films production Class Reunion 3, a third consecutive chapter of a highly successful comedy series in Finland. The first two movies of the franchise had over 800 000 admissions in cinemas in Finland, with a population of 5,5 million only.

The movie stars Jaajo Linnonmaa (Mr.), the most popular radio host in Finland, Aku Hirviniemi (Mr.), a Finnish super star of drama and comedy and Sami Hedberg (Mr.), the most popular stand up comedian in Finland, all of them household names as well.

A Finnish-born Harlin starts filming at the end of June in a highly exceptional time under gradually diminishing Covid-19 epidemic, which has resulted in exceptional safety regulations. Class Reunion 3 is one of the first full length movies in Finland and in the world starting production after the epidemic peak in Finland. The production is also the first one with a specifically allocated person to supervise safety regulations on set, such as safety distances, hygienic regulations, meal service etc. Because of the ongoing and developing epidemic situation Harlin has digital plans for scenes which would require immediate or close proximity.

The movie will be theatrically released in the spring season 2021. It is based on a Danish movie series Klassefesten like its two predecessors. Class Reunion 3 is produced by Markus Selin (Mr.) and Jukka Helle (Mr.), the two leading Finnish movie and TV producers. Class Reunion 3 was written by Renny Harlin and Mari Perankoski (Ms.), one the leading comediennes and actors in Finland with a record of successful writing endeavors as well.

Renny Harlin states the new project as follows: “My first love in life has always been movies. My second love is Finland. I’ve been living in Hollywood and Beijing for the last 35 years, making 22 movies. I felt that this summer was the perfect time to return to my roots and make a beautiful, no holds barred madcap comedy, with a bunch of old friends. I made the decision well before the Corona virus changed the world. Now that I’ve spent the last two and a half months in Finland, I’ve really had time to rediscover this beautiful country, settle down for some great creative time and write two screenplays, while doing virtual preproduction on Class Reunion.”

Harlin also gives details about the production: “Just very recently we switched to in person production meetings and scouting and casting. We use masks and keep safe distances. It’s all a matter of adjusting to the situation and making the best out of a challenging environment. I look forward to an exciting summer shoot in the beautiful, clean and safe environment of my homeland. Later on in the year, I can’t wait to return to China and continue where we left off with my company, Extraordinary Entertainment!”

Solar Films is owned by a Scandinavian media company Egmont and Mr. Markus Selin.

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