The new novel by Sofi Oksanen will be published at the world premiere of Purge in Tallinn

Solar Films, Like Publications and the travel agency Matka-Vekka will host a grand party in the Nokia theater in Tallinn on Thursday, August 30th.

The celebrations will culminate to the publication of Sofi Oksanen’s “When the Doves Disappeared” and the world premiere of “Purge”, directed by Antti J. Jokinen. The event will feature two versions of the movie, both in Finnish and Estonian languages. Otherwise the program of the day is in Finnish. The red carpet will feature the author Sofi Oksanen, the producers, the director and the actors of the movie. The Nokia theater has a capacity of 1800 people.

The publishing party and the premiere will be a spectacular event and the travel arrangements will be available in Finland.

Purge is a breathtaking story of two women, shadowed and combined by their own shameful past. The movie adaptation of the awarded worldwide hit novel is produced by Solar Films, in co-operation with Taska Film, an Estonian production company.

The new novel by Sofi Oksanen, “When the Doves Disappeared”, tells about the choices people make, about loyalty and disloyalty, about being able or not being able to adapt in a country facing occupation. The timeline is from the 30’s to the 60’s, featuring the years of terror and the years of peace. The novel is the third part of the Quartet-series, describing the recent history of Estonia and the divided Europe. The previous parts are “The Cows of Stalin”and “Purge”. The publication date is 31st of August.

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