Morbid Stories

Morbid Stories is a black comedy series in four independent, partly overlapping episodes linked together by the cast.

Episode 1 – Friends in High Places

The first episode takes a peek into the glamorous everyday life of the well-to-do bankers.

Kirsi works as an assistant, with a hopeless crush on her boss Klaus, who leads a life of success on the golf course, in business as well as among women.

Kirsi is not outspoken, but she tries her best among her witty and trendy co-workers. The others thrive on banter, and they are not impressed by Kirsi’s advances, they aim to keep their circuit tight.

Friends in High Places is a comic story about workplace bullying, the pressure to succeed and build a career, workplace hierarchy, the lack of discretion, and friendship.

Episode 2 – Hockey Wife

The second episode introduces us Anne, a housewife from a town in Eastern Finland. Anne lives for her ice-hockey playing husband. Future dreams were left behind in the 80’s, and her life is centered on her husband’s career.

When Anne’s best friend from her childhood, and a fellow hockey wife Pirjo, married to a NHL star, arrives from the States to participate in an event to honor the hockey hero, there’s no limit to Anne’s enthusiasm.

She has planned everything to the last detail, from seating arrangements to Karelian pies. Everything should be in place. But as dreams collapse and reality steps in, the old friendship starts to look a bit different.

Episode 3 – The Maypole

Mikko works in the video game industry, he thinks he’s on the verge of a big break and even more money. The problem is that he needs a business angel, someone willing to invest the money that is still missing.

As it happens, he runs into the lovely Linda, who invites Mikko to spend Midsummer’s Eve with her wealthy family, on their very own island. Mikko thinks he’s in for a Midsummer’s Eve to remember, surrounded by charming and wealthy people from old families, a perfect opportunity to gather the financing he needs. He has no idea what’s in store for him.

Episode 4 – What Really Happened?

This episode documents the world behind the scenes when the series was shot. The episode shows both the cast and members of the crew making the series. They are constantly behind schedule and the producer wants them to work faster. The relationships are becoming strained, the cast and crew argue about the points of view and the cast is presenting more and more demands. Director Kotwica tries to control the situation which is increasingly beyond reason.