Reunion has surpassed the magical mark of 500 000 spectators

The giant hit movie Reunion has surpassed the historical landmark of half a million spectators. The comedy, directed by Taneli Mustonen, has drawn an audience of 500 046.

The movie is the second most watched domestic film in the last 25 years. The main roles feature Aku Hirviniemi, Sami Hedberg and Jaajo Linnonmaa. Only two movies have surpassed the half a million mark between 1990 and 2015. The pole position is held by Bad Boys, which drew an audience of 614 097 in 2003. Both movies are produced by Solar Films. The figures are based on the statistics the distributors get from the theaters.

Jesse Fryckman, the producer of Reunion, comments the rare figure: “Hot! It has been a great movie summer, also with the weather. It’s great to continue from here, towards the sequel to be shot next summer.”

The director Taneli Mustonen thanks the movie-goers: “A great, big hand and an enormous thank you to all our spectators. This gives an enormous boost and motivation to all Finnish filmmakers.”

Reunion premiered in February 2015. The movie drew over 100 000 spectators during its opening weekend; the first time for a domestic film. The first five days figure of 121 664 is the best number for a Finnish movie ever. The next record was surpassing the 150 000 mark in seven days, also as the first domestic movie. The 300 000 mark was passed in 19 days and 400 000 in 33 days. The 500 000 was broken after 20 weeks in theaters. Reunion is the most watched movie in Finland this year.

The seven and five days figures are all-time highs for the distributor Nordisk Film for both domestic and international releases.

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