Reunion has surpassed the 300 000 mark – the most watched movie of the year

Reunion, directed by Taneli Mustonen, has crossed the 300 000 spectator milestone by the third weekend.


The movie has drawn an audience of 326 304 spectators by last night and is now the most watched movie in Finland this year.

The premiere of the Reunion was only 19 days ago but the film has made several records already. It made history by getting over 100 000 spectators during the opening weekend – the figure after five days was 121 664. This is the best result for the opening weekend ever by a domestic movie. The second record was made when the 150 000 mark was broken in seven days – the exact figure was 151 520 spectators.

Director Taneli Mustonen comments the success story: “The last weeks have been unreal. I believe I’m speaking on behalf of the whole cast and crew when I thank you all for that. But I’m not only expressing my gratitude for choosing our movie, but by bying the ticket you also voted for the Finnish cinema. Let’s keep on going and make this year the mother of all records!”

Katarina Nyman from the distributor Nordisk Film comments: “Reunion has broken records, after one another, and sky-rocketed to the most watched movie of the year. So, we are already talking about a phenomenon. The success of a domestic movie is always a remarkable thing for the whole industry, because domestic hit movies are vital especially for small theaters. They keep the whole business healthy.”

The five and seven day records are also all-time highs for the distributing company, regarding both domestic and international releases.

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