The Grump is the Finnish nominee for Golden Globes

The movie has surpassed the mark of 200 000 spectators.

The Grump, directed by Dome Karukoski, is the nominee of Finland for the Golden Globes in the category of best foreign picture. Dome Karukoski has been nominated as a candidate for the best director and Antti Litja as the best actor. The composer of the film, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, is a nominee for the best music.

The movie has drawn over 200 000 spectators so far. In all its weeks in release it has drawn more than 50 000 viewers. Last weekend, the fourth, the figure was 26 169. The numbers of The Grump and the fifth highest of all times; behind Bad Boys, Matti, Lapland Odyssey and 21 Ways To Spoil A Marriage.

The producer of the movie Markus Selin says: “We are dumbfounded about the fact that The Grunp has become
such a phenomenon. And it brings me special pleasure that Dome Karukoski and Antti Litja are nominees for Golden Globes.”

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