The opening weekend figure is 39 144 – and including the sneak previews, the total is 50 789. The critically acclaimed movie scored the best domestic opening weekend figures of the year.

Happier times, Grump has opened phenomenally in the box office. The opening weekend (Friday 24.8.-Sunday 26.8.) audience was 39 144 – and including the sneak previews, the total is 50 789. It is the best opening weekend for a domestic movie in 2018 – and also 32 % higher than the first Grump feature, which premiered 5.9.2014, with an audience of 29 670.

The producer of the movie, Markus Selin, rejoices: “The audiences are enjoying the film. Tiina Lymi, Heikki Kinnunen and Satu Tuuli Karhu are magnificent – and so is the whole supporting cast and the whole crew. The people of Finland are not upset – but humming with happiness.”

In the exit gallup polls during the weekend, the feedback from the audience was outstanding. The movie was considered magnificent and 95 % of the spectators recommend the film. The gallup poll was conducted by Parametra Oy.

Happier times, Grump is directed by Tiina Lymi and the title role is played by Heikki Kinnunen. His granddaughter is played by Satu Tuuli Karhu and the stellar supporting cast includes Jani Volanen, Elina Knihtilä, Sulevi Peltola, Iikka Forss, Mari Perankoski and Janne Reinikainen.

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