The movie series is a surprise hit in Cannes – sold also to the U.S.

The Vares-series was sold in Cannes to the U.S., Canada, Brazil and several European countries

The movie series Vares, produced by Solar Films, was a success at MIPCOM, the biggest annual sales event of television and entertainment business.

The series, featuring six full-length movies, was sold in Cannes to three continents: North America, South America and Europe. Especially the entry to the markets in the United States was a welcomed conquest and a very rare event for a Finnish movie production. The distribution deals were signed with the following territories; United States, Canada, Brazil, Holland, Poland, Belgium and Slovenia. Besides those, the negotiations are underway with dozens of other countries.

The German sales company Global Screen believes that several other agreements will be signed at the American Film Market in November. Visiting Cannes was Markus Selin, the other of the producers of Vares. He is glad about the success of the series: “We had talks with so many territories that I wasn’t even dreaming of being interested in the Scandinavian crime genre. We are really happy.”

The MIPCOM event was visited by 18 000 representatives of the television and entertainment industry.

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