Hannu Salonen will direct the new Vares movie, Antti Reini will continue in the title role

The new Vares, The Sheriff, will be shot in the summer of 2014. Antti Reini will continue in the main role.

Hannu Salonen, 41, will direct the new Vares movie, to be shot in Turku during the summer. The Sheriff, based on the novel of the same title by Reijo Mäki, is the ninth entry in the Vares series. The Sheriff will premiere in 2015. The movies shot so far are based on the novels; The Yellow Widow, The Frozen Angel, The Kiss of Evil, The Girls of April, The Garter Snake, The Path of the Righteous Men, The Gambling Chip and The Tango of Darkness. The directors have been Aleksi Mäkelä, Anders Engström and Lauri Törhönen.

Hannu Salonen was born in Pori 1972 and grew up in Vantaa. He graduated from the Kallio High School and continued his studies in the Berlin Film Academy, being the youngest student there ever. He finished his studies in the Academy by directing Downhill City, which won the prize of best European debut movie in France. Hannu Salonen has directed altogether 25 full-length TV movies, mostly thrillers and dramas. Besides that, Salonen has directed international series, like Crimes, written by Ferdinand von Schirach, and Crossing Lines, featuring Donald Sutherland. Salonen’s latest film is Die Hebamme (The Midwife), a historical thriller taking place in the 1700’s. The international co-production Event was the biggest success of the TV company (Pro7Sat.1) in five years and is the best selling TV movie in Amazon. Salonen’s first Finnish movie will be produced by Solar Films. Salonen and his family reside in southern Germany.

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