Flowers of Evil, directed by Antti J. Jokinen, was chosen to the competition series of the Shanghai International Film Festival

The story of the suburban youth will feature a cast including Juno, Mikael Gabriel, Eero Aho and Viljami Nojonen. This is the second time for director Jokinen to compete in Shanghai.


Flowers of Evil, directed by Antti J. Jokinen, has been chosen to the competition series of the prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival. The A-listed festival is the fifth most important film festival in the world and the biggest of its kind in Asia. Flowers of Evil will compete for the Golden Goblet award. The Midwife, also directed by Jokinen, was nominated for the same award last year and Krista Kosonen won the prize of the best actress in a leading role then.

Antti Jokinen and Markus Selin will attend the festival in mid-June, together with Juno, Mikael Gabriel and Viljami Nojonen. The festival is held 11.-19.6.2016 and the main gala and the Closing Ceremony will be held on Sunday 19.6.

Jokinen comments on his success in the festival circuit: “I am particularly pleased that the state of the society of Finland draws international interest. One alienated generation is struggling for existance, the next one is around the corner. The situation is difficult and the topic is important for me as a moviemaker. The riots will take place in September, at the latest – when we have our premiere! Being chosen to an A-list festival is especially rewarding this time, because all members of my crew were making their first motion picture. I chose them from schools and from the streets and only a few cast members had previous experience. A tough gang!”


A street-credible gang drama, Flowers of Evil, will premiere in September 2016. The movie, written by Jokinen, is a story of young people growing up in the suburbs and will feature a cast including the rap artist Juno, Viljami Nojonen, Diana Tenkorang, Eero Aho, Alma Pöysti, the rap artist Mikael Gabriel, Krista Kosonen and Tommi Korpela. The soundtrack will feature music from the legendary British punk band The Exploited. The theme song is written by Paleface. The movie is produced by Markus Selin and Jukka Helle and it is distributed by Future Film.

Flowers of Evil is a topical, edgy and ragged story of a family, trying to survive the pressures of suburban restlessness. The main character is Sipe, 15, who has a touching relationship with his stepbrother and his family, which makes the centerpoint of the story. The threat is continuously bubbling under, until the unrest breaks out to violence and riots – with fatal results.

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