Solar Films awarded a special mention for being a fair employer

TeMe (The Theatre and Media Employees in Finland), a cultural organisation and a trade union, recently awarded Solar Films a special mention for being a fair employer.

Of all production companies, Solar Films received the most praises when members of the trade union were asked about their employers. The criteria used for ranking the employers included the employer’s professional skills, their willingness to follow laws and contracts, appreciation for the employers, and the atmosphere at work.
According to TeMe, one production company was by far the best:
“A special mention goes to Solar Films. Our members praised the atmosphere of trust and security at the company. The company abides by the law, and interns also receive a fair pay for their work.” Minna Sirnö, chair of TeMe, continues: “We hear of too many employers in the cultural field using competitive bidding and accepting unfair terms and conditions when hiring employees. Hunger and uncertainty of employment do not create great art. Working at a killing pace or being underpaid does not create great employee commitment. That is why TeMe wanted to award employers who are willing to invest in being fair employers.”

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