Nordisk Film, the oldest film company in the Wold shareholder in Solar Films

Solar Films has sold a significant portion of its shares to Danish Nordisk Film in order to boost its competitiveness on the international market.

The new alliance is an important step for Finnish film and TV on the international market.
Markus Selin, Head of Production and Chairman of the Board at Solar Films, comments on the co-operation: “The new partnership with Nordisk Film is a milestone for Finnish content export. Nordisk Film’s unexceptional devotion to developing Nordic content production and their excellent international contacts will play an important role in Solar Films’ future expansion on the international market. We believe that the co-operation will open doors globally.”
Solar Films has been a market leader in the Finnish film industry for years and it’s one of the largest private TV production companies in the country.
Dark Floors, the Lordi horror movie, is the first joint project between Solar Films and Nordisk Film. The movie will be launched at the Cannes Film Festival on May 20th, 2007.
Apart from selling Solar Films’ projects abroad, Nordisk Film will handle distribution throughout the Nordic countries.
Managing Director of Nordisk Film, Michael Ritto, comments on the co-operation with Solar Films: “The new alliance is part of Nordisk Film’s overall strategy to focus on local film production in the Nordic countries. Solar Films is a major player in the Finnish market. I am very pleased that Markus Selin has chosen Nordisk Film as his future partner. With close co-operation between our companies, we have strengthened our position considerably in Finland.”
Solar Films continues as an independent company with Jukka Helle as Managing Director and Markus Selin as Chairman of the Board. Petteri Ahomaa and Martti Sivonen continue as TV Producers.
Since 1999, Solar Films movies have been distributed by Disney subsidiary Buena Vista International Finland (BVIF). Jussi Mäkelä, Managing Director of BVIF, comments: “Unfortunately, being a shareholder in a production company is not part of Disney’s strategy in Finland. The successful co-operation that started in 1999 with Aleksi Mäkelä’s The Tough Ones will end 2,700,000 viewers later with V2, also directed by Mäkelä. But as someone wise has said—all good things come to an end. We wish Solar Films continuous success in the future.”

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