Reunion 2 over 300 000 admissions

Reunion 2 – Bachelor Party premiered 2.11.2016.

Reunion 2 – Bachelor Party, directed by Taneli Mustonen, has surpassed the 300 000 spectator landmark. By last night it has drawn an audience of 300 217, reaching that figure in 11 weeks. In the last 26 years, it is the first domestic movie which had its premiere in November and has crossed the 300 000 line. The movie is still in theaters.

Reunion 2 – Bachelor party is a Solar Films production. The main roles feature Sami Hedberg, Aku Hirviniemi and Jaajo Linnonmaa. The movie is produced by Jesse Fryckman and distributed by Nordisk Film.

“Finland 100 – Class Reunion 300!”, says Fryckman, nailing the facts. “Thank you, for the movie-goers. You are always more important than the critics”.

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