A film by Aleksi Mäkelä will premiere on 13.9.2019.

Check from the link below the touching trailer of King of Hearts. The biopic, based on the life of the singer Kari Tapio, premieres 13.9.2019. The movie is directed by Aleksi Mäkelä and the main roles are played by Matti Ristinen and Tiina Lymi.

The film tells the beautiful love story of Kari Tapio and Pia Viheriävaara – and the other remarkable actor duo is young Kari, played by Tatu Sinisalo, and young Pia, played by Talvikki Eerola.
The poignant trailer:

The movie was shot in the greater Helsinki area in August-September 2018. The epoque is authentic and the movie features a wide variety of celebrities of the Finnish music industry. Danny is played by Iikka Forss, Ilkka Vainio is played by Ilkka Heiskanen, Toivo Kärki by Aake Kalliala, Reijo Taipale by Joni Leponiemi and the role of Fredi is played by Mikko Töyssy. Mikko Kouki stars as the composer Veikko Samuli and Joanna Haartti is Chrisse Johansson, the lyricist. Sakari Kuosmanen makes an appearance as the roadie Pussinen.

The movie is produced by Markus Selin and Jukka Helle and it is made in collaboration with Joona, Jani and Jiri Jalkanen – the sons of Kari and Pia. The screenplay is written by Marko Leino and Tomi Tuikkala. The movie is a co-production between Solar Films and Nummela Filmi and it is distributed by Nordisk Film.
Director Aleksi Mäkelä is known for various hit movies for Solar Films, such as The Tough Ones, Bad Boys, Matti – Hell Is For Heroes, Hellsinki and Home Sweet Home – plus the cult TV series In Cold Blood and various other movies and TV series. Aleksi Mäkelä was honored with The Finnish State Award in Arts in 2009.

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