Nordisk Film and Zentropa join forces and will be managed in an equal partnership

Together, Nordisk Film and Zentropa will be among the top companies in Europe measured in movie budgets.

Nordisk Film and Zentropa join forces. Nordisk Film has acquired 50% of the shares in Zentropa Folket Aps. The ambition is to create a basis for further creative and commercial growth in Zentropa, including expanding the number of international productions.
More movies for cinemas at home and abroad. Bigger challenges for more directors. More activity in studios and editing rooms. In a few words, these are the ambitions behind the new partnership in Danish film between Zentropa and the Egmont company Nordisk Film, who have acquired 50% of Zentropa Folket Aps. today.

Peter Aalbæk Jensen continues as Managing Director of Zentropa, which in the future will be managed in an equal partnership between Nordisk Film and the existing shareholders.

Since it was founded in 1992, Zentropa has been one of Denmark’s leading production companies. The vision behind the agreement between Nordisk Film and Zentropa is to create a North European film company that will attract the strongest creative talents. Nordisk Film’s involvement in Zentropa means an infusion of capital; the intension is to direct the added funds toward an increase in the number of international productions. In addition, the agreement provides the opportunity to make the most of the production facilities owned by the two companies in a number of countries.

Measured in movies per year, both Nordisk Film and Zentropa are already among the biggest European film producers. Together, Nordisk Film and Zentropa will also be among the top companies in Europe measured in movie budgets.
Furthermore, both companies own the rights to vast catalogues of feature film titles that supplement each other well, providing the opportunity to offer customers an even more versatile and attractive range of movies.

Managing Director in Nordisk Film, Michael Ritto, says about the investment in Zentropa:
“On the outside, our two companies may seem very different, but let’s not forget that Nordisk Film was founded by an entertainer and merchant. The relationships between the employees of the two companies have always been characterized by good personal relations and professional respect. I am really happy and proud that Zentropa place their confidence in us by sharing their life’s work. So this is a big day for Nordisk Film”.

Zentropas Peter Aalbæk Jensen has this comment about the alliance with Nordisk Film:
”For a long time, I have dreamed of creating a flexible film studio, where experienced creative capacities cultivate their international careers, and where new talents get their chance locally in several countries. Now this dream becomes reality, now we think big the Danish way: without the big, hollow fanfare, but with a good deal of common sense. Nordisk Film and Zentropa both have strong brands and extensive know-how. Together, we’re an asset to film and TV in Northern Europe.”

The main shareholders in Zentropa Folket Aps are Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Lars von Trier, and a group consisting of 110 employees, directors, and other creative talents. Nordisk Film acquires shares proportionally from the share holders. The price of the purchase remains between the parties involved.

Zentropa was founded in 1992 as a result of the co-operation between Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk Jensen. The company differs from the major competitors in the market by having established a decentralized organization structure which creates space for new ideas and alternative methods of productions. This company culture has drawn some of the best directors to Zentropa and shaped groundbreaking projects such as the ‘Dogma concept’.
During the years Zentropa has expanded beyond the limits of Scandinavian territory, successfully establishing several production units in Europe. Films produced by Zentropa enjoy critical acclaim worldwide and have been rewarded with the most prestigious prizes, among these The Golden Palms and The Silver Bear. Moreover Zentropa has represented Denmark at the Academy Awards on four occasions.

NORDISK FILM is a company in the Egmont Group and is active in developing, producing and distributing creative content throughout the Nordic region. Its activities include movies, feature animations, music, videos, DVDs, TV and electronic games. NORDISK FILM holds the Nordic distribution rights to Sony PlayStation and owns movie theaters in Denmark and Norway. Nordisk Film also owns post-production companies, film laboratories and broadcasting facilities. In 2006, NORDISK FILM generated a total revenue of EUR 352 million and employs a staff of 1,150.

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