LORDI frontman: “OZZFEST has been absolutely amazing for us”

Finland’s monster rock n’ roll band LORDI, currently on tour as part of OZZFEST 2007 (w/ headliners Ozzy Osbourne, Lamb of God and Static-X), have issued another update about their time on the road in North America.

Says LORDI frontman, MR. LORDI, “OZZFEST has been absolutely amazing for us, even though the shows have been a “little” sweaty.
We’ve gotten so much encouragement from Ozzy’s band and the Lamb of God guys, not to mention from the fans that
we’ve been able to meet at the signing sessions, that we ALMOST forget the fact that we’re literally melting during each set. At first we
were a bit worried about the fact that we are musically the lightest band on the bill, and that we are basically a pretty unknown
band here in the United States, but the fan’s reactions have been so overwhelming and so gratifying. There have
been quite a lot of people who told us that they came a looooong way to see us at OZZFEST and we couldn’t be more honored.”

What they are saying about LORDI…

“The band’s use of flaming-dragon-encrusted swords and exploding baby dolls expresses the warrior spirit of the Vikings.”

“Fist pumping metal with over-the-top theatrics abound throughout.”

“Not since the days of ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom’ has heavy metal anthems and theatrics gone hand in hand so splendidly. If Gwar actually wrote memorable songs, it would be quite a lot like Lordi.”

“Balls-out rock straight from the 80s.”

“Lordi plays some of the catchiest and infectious anthemic arena rock today.”
– BW&BK 

“Lordi’s sound appeals to both young and old, unifying multiple generations to worship under the Church of Hard Rock.”

“When no one was looking, rogue Finnish scientists crossed the genetics of AC/DC, Kiss, and Satan.  They named the offspring Lordi, and now they have the power to cure all disease.”

“Balls to the wall Rock and Roll with a heavy dose of the macabre,
The Arockalypse  combines the majesty of ’70s Arena Rock with the horror of a George Romero zombie flick. 9 SKULLS!”
– SOD Magazine

“Is it hard? Check. Does it rock? Check. Hallelujah!”

“The Arockalypse is a great party-rock album…Lordi indeed proves
that ‘monsters have more fun.’”

“The Arockalypse is approachable, very well written, music that will have a broad appeal well beyond the normal metal and progressive genres.” – SEA OF TRANQUILITY

“If you’re into music that’s fun and sounds best at maximum volume then
give The Arockalypse a try.”

“As modern music is concerned Lordi are a cool drink of
water to a parched music lover.”
– 1340MAG.COM

“With their thumping rhythms and latex horror masks Lordi now
seems poised for a new level of stardom.”
More Info:
Official LORDI homepage: http://www.lordi.org
Official LORDI MySpace.com site: http://www.myspace.com/lordi

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