Markus Selin (born 16th March 1960) is the most successful producer in the re-birth of popular Finnish cinema.

The most successful producer in the re-birth of popular Finnish cinema, Markus Selin, was chosen as Finnish producer of the year in 1999. He has won the Finnish ‘most successful movie’ audience poll eight times and his movies have collected 41 Finnish Movie Awards (Jussis) until 2016. Selin works as a producer in Solar Films, the company he founded in 1995. Under his management, the company has become the leading production company in Finland in the fields of feature films, TV drama and entertainment. Solar Films is owned by Scandinavian media company Egmont and Markus Selin.

The movies produced by Markus Selin

Man and a Junior (2019)
Fingerpori (2019)
King of Hearts (2019)
Ricky Rapper and the Strongman (2019)
Land of Hope (2018)
Happier Times, Grump (2018)
Winning Ticket (2018)
Man And a Baby (2017)
Unexpected Journey (2017)
Reunion 2 – Bachelor Party (2016) (executive producer)
Love And Fury (2016) (executive producer)
Flowers Of Evil (2016)
Off The Map (2016) (executive producer)
Heavysaurs The Movie (2015) (executive producer)
The Midwife (2015)
Reunion (2015) (executive producer)
The Secret Society of Souptown (Estonia, Nafta Films, 2015)
Vares – The Sheriff (2015)
Life in a Fishbowl (Iceland, 2014)
The Grump (2014)
Summertime (2014) (executive producer)
Kummeli V (Nummela Filmi, 2014)
Above Dark Waters (2013)
Village People (2013)
The Hijack That Went South (2013)
Frost (Iceland, 2012)
Robin The Movie (2012, documentary)
Imaginaerum by Nightwish (2012)
Purge (2012)
Fanatics (2012, Bronson Club)
Love And Other Troubles (2012, Bronson Club)

Vares – The Path of the Righteous Men (2012)
Vares – Gambling Chip (2012)
Vares – Tango of Darkness (2012)
Vares – Garter Snake (2011)
Vares – The Girls of April (2011)
Vares – The Kiss of Evil (2011)
Home Sweet Home (2011)
Ella And Aleksi (2011, Bronson Club)
August (2011, Bronson Club)
Veijarit (2010, Bronson Club)
Reindeerspotting (2010, documentary, Bronson Club)
Run Sister Run! (2010)
Pikkuveli (lyhytelokuva, 2009) Bronson Club
Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (Iceland, 2009)
Hellsinki (2009)
The Subtenant (2008)
Dark Floors – The Lordi Motion Picture (2008)
The Home of Dark Butterflies (2008)
Astrópía (Iceland) (2007)
V2 – Dead Angel (2007)
Frozen City (2006)
Matti – Hell is for Heroes (2006)
Eleven men out (Iceland, 2005)
Frozen Land (2005)
Popular Music (Sweden, 2004)
Vares – Private Eye (2004)
Addiction (2004)
Bad Boys – A True Story (2003)
Me and Morrison (2001)
101 Reykjavik (Iceland, 2000)
The South (2000)
Restless (2000)
The Tough Ones (1999)
Gold Rush (1997)
Sunset Riders (1994)
Born American (1985)

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