Selected television productions of Solar Films and Solar Television 1995-2009

The Finnish Fear Factory, Aleksi Valavuori

Avec Sara, TV series, 2005
Bioterror, drama documentary, 1999
Bonnie and Clyde, TV series, 1997
Smarter Than the Schoolkid, quiz show, 2008
Do You Want To Be a Movie Star?, reality show 2003
The Weakest Link, quiz show, 2002-2005
Iiro Seppänen Extreme, 2000
Iiro Seppänen Show, 1997
Wonderful Man, mini series, 1999
Fragments, drama series, 2003
Jussi Gala, 1997-
On The Trail, 2009
Beautiful Man, mini series, 2003
The Beauty And the Nerd, TV series, 2005
The Summer Wedding, reality show, 1995
The Colored Bridge, drama series, 2000
In Cold Blood, drama series, 2002-2005
Model School, reality show, 2005-2006
Travelling With Maria G, TV series, 1997
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, TV series, 2008-2009
Joe Millionaire, reality show, 2004
Several beauty contests, 1997-
Black Magic, 1999
Muodollisesti pätevä, drama series, 1999-2004
The Black Cat Alley, drama series, 2000
Miss Groove, TV series, 1997
You Are What You Eat, reality show, 2005-2008
Paparazzi, TV series, 1997
Peltiheikit, TV series, 1996
Poker Champion, TV series, 2006
Hytönen of the Day, 1997-1998
Headline Poster of the Day, 1997
Weather of the Day, 1997
Renny & Geena Gala, 1993-1996
Retro, lifestyle series, 2006-2007
Rich Man, mini series, 2004
Studio Impossible, TV series, 2006
The Biggest Loser, reality series, 2006-2009
Fear Factor Finland, reality series, 2008-2009
There’s a Satan in the House, TV movie, 1999
Tikkurila trilogy, drama series, 2006
Moment of Truth, reality series, 2009
Trabant Express, TV series, 1997
The Unknown, TV series, 2008-2009
Under the Star Lantern, drama series, 1997
Star Factory, drama series, 1998-1999
Just Magic, 1996
Törni / Thorne, documentary, 2007
Just Married, TV series, 1999-2000
Rascals, TV series, 1994-1995
Rascals – Ten Years After, TV series, 2003
Family Feud, quiz show, 1999-2002
Suddenly in Anttola, TV series, 1999-2000
Don’t Dream It, TV movie, 2008