When I retired from the steel offices of Solar Films as an emeritus 68-year old public relations manager…

…a lot of people asked me to write my memoirs. My 50-year working career in printed media and in film production had created some interest; the wild and unpredictable conversations at the coffee and conference tables of Solar Films also played a key role – they were something people wanted to hear.

I have enjoyed my career and liked my work as much as the next man – but I never was a workaholic. My retirement days are filled by jogging in the mornings, the daily newspaper, going to my local supermarket, cleaning up, cooking, washing the laundry and HBO Nordic. Every day can also include an additional chore that replaces the afternoon nap. For example, I’ve been way too busy to sharpen my kitchen knifes.

In the fall of 2014 when Markus Selin asked me to write the 20-year history of Solar Films, I realized this is my moment. After that, there would be no pressure to write my personal memoirs. And if there would, they would be based on a custom-made order.

I said yes and lost my sleep, for a long time. The stress is caused by the work undone, not the work done.

So – I better get to work.


December 2014

Rampe Toivonen